Fractory’s automatic platform has gathered details from a range of high-quality laser cutting and metal bending suppliers, by which the algorithm can calculate the best laser cutting price for your query in seconds. Fractory matches your needs to their availability, location, capability, materials and pricing. We have written a tutorial on how to get laser cutting quotes online. In short, the process looks like this:

  • 1
    Upload drawings as DXF files and fill parameters.

    If any bending or surface treatments are needed, add a PDF or STP drawing with the order. We’ll follow-up with a quote in 24h.

  • 2
    Select material and delivery address
  • 3
    You’ll get instant price for the material, laser cutting and shipping as well as lead time.
  • 4
    Confirm and pay via bank link or invoice.
  • 5
    Parts are laser cut according to the quality standard ISO 9013.
  • 6
    Fractory’s shipping partners deliver the parts to you.
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