CNC plasma cutting is one of the most common technologies for metal cutting. It is used for cutting thick parts, that is not economically feasible or can not be cut by laser cutting. The primary advantage of this technology is the fast cutting speed, especially when cutting parts without small holes.
Plasma cutting

Fractory’s manufacturing partners use CNC machines which have plasma and gas cutting (flame cutting) torches. Plasma cutting technology enables to cut sheet metal with a thickness of 1–30 mm. Using gas cutting technology we can cut steel plate of 10–150 mm thickness. All cutting is done in accordance with quality classification EN ISO 9013.

Compared to gas cutting, plasma cutting offers a variety of advantages. Due to the fact that plasma temperature reaches 5000–30 000°С, different metals and their alloys can be cut. Also, the speed is significantly faster than gas cutting and no pre-heating of metal is required.

The primary advantage of gas cutting, compared to other thermal cutting technologies, is the low cost of production. Similarly to plasma cutting, gas cutting technology is not suitable for cutting small details.

Cutting area
Cutting area Up to 3000 x 12000 mm
Maximum material thickness
Maximum material thickness
Plasma cutting Carbon steel 40mm
Stainless steel 30mm
Gas cutting Carbon steel 150mm
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